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    Children in their Ante-Pre School and Pre School years are cared for by staff in the Owls’ playrooms. 

    At this stage in your child’s development their independence is more obviously nurtured.

    They have access to a wide range of fun resources and activities and are afforded freedom to choose where they want to play throughout the day.  

    ACE Place is a Partnership Nursery and we work closely with South Lanarkshire Council to ensure that children are prepared for school when they leave.

    Children in this age group are eligible for funding from South Lanarkshire Council.  As a partnership nursery we can manage this process for you to make sure that you maximise the funding eligible to you. 


    Our learning and activities at this stage are very much driven by the Scottish Government’s Curriculum for Excellence 3-18.

    It focuses on the importance of knowledge and skills and will support children in every way possible so that they can fulfil their potential and make the most of their opportunities.

    Literacy and numeracy skills are clearly recognised in this document as being vital in everyday life and it is our responsibility at ACE Place to make sure that your child is given every opportunity to develop these skills in a fun and caring environment.

    Our staff also have a shared responsibility for children’s health and wellbeing and for helping to promote confidence, independent thinking and positive attitudes; all of which are important for effective learning.

    Our partnership with parents/carers at this stage is crucial and we will work with you to promote consistency in approach, maximising the impact of the children’s learning.  

    We also work closely with school and other community groups to enrich the learning and share information and experiences with other agencies as appropriate.

    The aim of our curriculum is to improve our children’s achievements and life chances, to nurture successful learners, confident individuals, effective contributors and responsible citizens.  We have adopted these as are own aims at ACE Place…..where we endeavour to ensure that All Children Excel.

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